Easily Accessible, Angled Ambidextrous Activation Buttons

MH1 rear panel is accessible to both right and left handed
shooters. The MH1 has a unique feature of 20° angled rear panel which allows the shooter to use the activation buttons even when night vision or magnifier is mounted behind the reflex sight, something that has not been possible in the past.
Both right and left activation buttons preform identical
functions on the sight to allowing easy access to control panel
for ambidextrous shooters.

The Only Remote-Controlled Reflex Sight

Ambidextrous infra-red PTT button (Optional) can be
operated from both right and left sides of the forearm
grip. It activates the sight and controls the brightness
levels of the reticle (10 levels- 5 for day and 5 for night).
This allows the shooter to control the sight without disengaging
the supporting arm from the weapon, reducing critical reaction time.

One Of a Kind USB Rechargeable Reflex Sight

Waterproof USB port allows the user to easily charge his
Hartman’s MH1 sight anywhere he wishes (wall socket, computer USB port, vehicle lighter socket etc.).

The Largest Field of View Through The Sight

Numerous shooting scenarios use only one eye for shooting.
The MH1 35 X 24mm window enables the shooter to maximize his target acquisition speed. The shooter is aware of his
surroundings and to the surroundings of the target due to
the extremely large window area.The large window is extremely important when using NVD that nullifies the use of the second eye.

Accuracy Enhanced Reticle

The Center Red dot and horizontal lines at 3 and 9 o'clock,
allows the user to maintain the weapon on a vertical plane
to avoid red dot cant issues (a circle looks like a circle
from all angles). The bullet trajectory and ballistics are
uncompromised. The reticle is designed to help the shooter to
estimate target distance using a ballistics aiming system. The MH1 uses two horizontal lines with a specific thickness and length using intervals/space between each other and the center red dot. When placed against an object of known size, such as a  silhouette or target,the shooter can estimate the distance to the target.Hartman offers two types of reticle patterns that have 10 brightness levels, 5 for day & 5 for night.
1817 LUSH C

Smart Battery Consumption

Two separate power units; a USB rechargeable battery and
a single back up CR123 battery, are designed to operate one after the other. First the USB rechargeable unit is used, and only after it’s drained the sight is powered by the single back up CR123 battery.

Custom User Interface (optional)

The MH1 allows the shooter to reprogram some of the sights
features and customize the sight to his/her operational needs, such as determining sleep mode activation time and reticle brightness levels.

Sleep Mode & Memory Chip

A Built-in feature that turns off the sight after a 10 second/ 10 minutes(adjustable) of non-movement. The sights memory chip remembers which brightness level the MH1 was on before it went into sleep mode and will wake up to the last mode used. Sleep mode can be deactivated if required.

Dual Motion Sensor

Hartman’s MH1 sight uses two unique motion sensors nullifying involuntary activation by normal movement i.e. driving on a bumpyroad or underneath the shooters head while sleeping.
The MH1 sight uses two 30 degrees independent motion sensors that only activate the sight using a shooting movement(x,y,z axis).

Night Vision Mode

Compatible with any night vision device on the market,
with 5 brightness levels for night vision mode.

Fighter Friendly Low Battery Indicator

Reticle will flash 2 hours before the battery is drained and
will increase gradually, reminding the shooter to recharge the battery or to replace the backup CR123.

Lower 1/3 Co-Witness With Backup Sights

Backup sights can be utilized  through the large window. There
is no need to detach the sight from the weapon.

True Parallax Free

The optic design along with our delicate mechanical
collimating system allows our assembly team to accurately
adjust the distance between the LED and the aspheric lens
to produce near “0” parallax, resulting in increased accuracy.
The reticle always stays on target independent of the shooters eye location in the extremely large MH1 window.
1817 LUSH C

Durable Antireflection Coating

The coating of the beam splitter (window) outer surface, allows
for extremely high clarity with no mirror like reflection
from the objective side of the sight that would identify your position.

Invisible Reticle From The Target Side of The lens

Even at full power the reticle is not seen from the targets
point of view, ensuring that nothing exposes the operator’s

MIL-STD. 1913 Locking Mechanism Positioned On The Right Hand Side

Quick-detach lever with a safety locking mechanism is positioned on the right hand side of the sight to avoid accidental release.
90% of all shooters are right handed, meaning the left side of
the sight is in contact with the shooters body while carrying
the rifle, and for this reason Hartman sight positions the QD adaptor on the right side.

Nitrogen Filled Fog Resistant Internal Optics

The MH1 sight is pressure filled with nitrogen gas and
is fully sealed to prevent any moisture and dust particles
from entering the sight, even during extreme weather conditions.

Rugged Design

GUY2MH1 is built to MIL-STD-810F and designed to function in the most challenging environments.
Forged aviation aluminum quick release mount & base along with composite reinforced MIL-STD polymer cover, ensures that the MH1 can operate in the most extreme conditions.